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KIMA guarantees, according to the following, the Products, heating cables and accessories for under floor heating, snow melting and frost protection of pipes and ground.


The guarantee is valid provided the following conditions are maintained:


In case of any faults KIMA or KIMA representative has to be contacted.


KIMA or KIMA’s representative is to be given the opportunity of carrying out an inspection to establish the cause of the fault. KIMA will not accept any other inspection unless they have a given permission for it to be done.


Repairs may not commence before KIMA’s inspection without a written permission.


The installation must have been done by a certified installer in accordance with current regulations and which are also in accordance with instructions supplied by KIMA.


The Guarantee Certificate and the KIMA Label must be filled in by the installer.


The guarantee includes the following:


KIMA guarantees heating cable provided for heating of buildings and floor and supplied according to NL92 with the following extension that KIMA is offering a product-guarantee for 10 years from installation of the cable.


KIMA guarantees thermostats and heating cables for water pipes, gutters and outside water pipes, ice protection, snow melting and cables used for heating of the ground and supplied according to NL92 with the following extension that KIMA is offering a product-guarantee for 2 years from installation of the cable.


The KIMA product-guarantee includes fault from raw-material or production. The fault is compensated by replacement of the cable. No other compensation is given.


Obligation to give information.

The Distributor is obliged to give their customer comprehensive and correct information, in the English language or any other language which may be more appropriate, concerning installation to assure that the installation is in accordance with both current regulations and with the installation instructions supplied by KIMA.

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