KIMA floor heating
Floor heating
Snow and ice melting
Frost protection
Concret curing
- knowledge makes the difference.     

In your daily life you can encounter Kima´s heating cables

when you sit in a car with a warm seat, or when you take

a warm towel off a towel rail in the bathroom. Kima´s

heating cables and heating elements help to keep

production running smoothly in many industries and have numerous applications.


High viscosity liquids flow more easily, problem areas are

kept free from moisture and frost is limited in exposed areas. Pumps and industrial equipment are heated up to function

better. With our ongoing product development and many

years of technical expertise, we can meet the demands

from the market with new and varied solutions.


- Knowledge makes the difference!


Some of our reference customers:

- Backer BHV AB - Carrier Refrigeration AB - Wica Cold AB - Electrolux AB - Kylma AB - Kylcity AB - Tebex Cable Assemblies - Norpe Oy
- Kongsberg Automotive Sp. z.o.o.
- Sähkö-Meka Oy - CTC

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